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Welded forever jewellery.

Permanent jewellery is a unique type of bespoke jewellery. It's completely customised to you, the chain type, if you want a charm added and the fit.

Once you have chosen what you like, it is made for you there and then and welded together.

You can ask for a clasps so if you do swimming or in a strict job where jewellery isn't allowed, there is the option of removing.

T & C 

  • Bracelets

  • Anklets

  • Custom piercing chains

  • Sterling silver or Gold filled

  • Solid gold available upon request

  • Charms

  • Optional clasp


The jewellery is delicate so please care for it, if the chain breaks it's your responsibility - you will not get a refund.


All bookings fees are non refundable.

Due to being a customised and made to measure piece, welded jewellery is non-returnable and it can not be exchanged.


Will need 48 hours notice if wanting to reschedule or cancel appointment, must contact via email.


Re-weld any broken links within 7 days of purchase FREE.

Gold filed bracelet
Anklet with charm


Is it safe?

Yes 100% safe. The welder is a pulse welder (basically a safe laser).

Can I get it removed?

You can indeed, come back in to see me, I 'll remove it safely and in a spot so then it can be re-weld onto the area again.

How long does it take?

The appointment is a 20 minute one if you come alone, so enough time to go through all the choices etc, and if you come with a friend it's an hour. The welding part will take a few seconds to be done.

How old do you have to be?

16 and over, mainly due to my studio already being that age restrictions with piercings.

Can I walk in?

No, this service is appointment only.

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