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Children Lobe Piercing information 

Child lobe piercings are back, for those aged 6 upwards.

They can bring a teddy with them which can have an ear piercing too, just cover cost of jewellery

Would love a picture with them after the piercings done, and take pictures of their ears, only if consent is given from the child and parent.



If you are going on holiday during the summer holidays, please book for the piercings after the holiday as the little one won’t be able to go swimming etc, plus piercings can swell intensely in new climate / or travelling.


  •  Appointment only, it will be a 1hr slot

  • It will be needle only, done aseptically, from cleaning, marking to piercing, every single piece of PPE, Needles and jewellery will be 100% sterile

  • Piercings hurt, please don’t inform them with lies that it doesn’t or “baby” proof the procedure, they can hurt and be uncomfortable, it will be in the child’s pace of appointment, step by step.

  • ID of parent/guardian, that proves their legal guardian of child, and child’s ID (passport) or birth certificate. Will NOT accept photo pictures, must have it in person only. If you forget the ID the appointment will be refused and booking fee will be forfeited. (Must be only 1 parent / guardian to the appointment, not the whole family

  • Cost of single lobe is £25 fee plus jewellery, total with basic jewellery is £35. For a pair of lobe piercings is £50 fee plus jewellery, total with basic jewellery is £70.

  • Free check up & downsize after 3 weeks.

  • Go through aftercare and healing period before and during appointment. Aftercare in depth via here. Can be sterile saline solution in a little aftercare bag for £10.

  • Can’t change jewellery for minimum 3 months. Jewellery that will be used is implant grade titanium.


Full T&Cs can be read via T&Cs

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